Maiden China – Quarantine

Maiden China – Quarantine

Location: Street Posters

Quarantine was produced as a therapeutic and cathartic response to the sudden shift of free lived experience during the first 41 days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much like a visual journal, each daily portrait was spontaneously conceived day-of and constructed with materials on hand at the artist’s studio, blending drag, portraiture, mythology, prosthetics, and narrative. Each portrait operates as an extension of the artist’s experiences and the development of their psychic state as it relates to the conditions of lockdown, or the newfound dissonance between their practice and the social and physical constraints of the form of drag during a pandemic.

Maiden China is an intersectional non-binary feminist drag performance artist who disrupts identity expectations and liberates audiences by inducing vulnerability. Maiden China’s drag explores the concept of the “hyphen”, liminal states of embodied being, and incorporates elements of classical Chinese opera, queer theory, resistance politics, and intimate contact performance art. They perform regularly as a member of the House of Rice- an all Asian drag family in Vancouver, BC- as well as one of the Darlings, a non-binary drag performance collective.


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