Cantonese Opera – Hall Of One Hundred Rivers

Cantonese Opera – Hall Of One Hundred Rivers

“FRAGRANT SACRIFICE” (香夭) Hoi Seng Ieong and Yuk Fung Cheung will perform Fragrant Sacrifice, the grand finale of the most famous Cantonese opera, The Flower Princess. A story of political palace intrigue, this is the classic Chinese Romeo and Juliet story. On their wedding night, the princess and her groom express their love for each other and their loyalty to the former dynasty before taking their own lives. This is the first time they are switching gender roles.

HOI SENG IEONG (楊海城) With a career spanning six decades, Master Hoi Seng Ieong is a Cantonese opera performer, teacher and artist who has toured China, Macau, Portugal, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. Master Ieong came to Canada in 1997 and became the founding director of the Hoi Seng Ieong Cantonese Opera Academy in Richmond. He has organized more than 300 shows both locally and internationally, collaborating with over 50 renowned opera artists. Ieong is famous for his versatility onstage.

YUK FUNG CHEUNG (張玉鳳) Yuk Fung Cheung is a Cantonese opera performer, and a student of Master Ieong. They have collaborated and performed various Chinese operas, including A Warrior’s Love, The Queer Stories of a Dragon Girl, The Death in the Imperial Courts, among others. Cheung has toured locally, nationally and internationally.

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